Train painting – finished!

finally finished the train painting. took forever. got busy many times, and wouldn’t paint for weeks at a time. that will definitely slow you down.

36″ x 24″ acrylic on plywoodTrain through New Jersey

About Patricia

I am an artist, graphic designer, and mom. Since the birth of my first child, I have had the luxury to stay home with them. During this time I have been experimenting with styles and mediums in order to "re-invent" myself before I return to the workforce (graphic design, illustration, fine art? who knows) I have always loved illustration, and Children's books, and have thought of pursuing a career in the Children's Market. I also love surreal art, and drawing portraits. I also have really enjoyed making very personal paintings for my children, and other people's children as a small "side business". I must decided which way to go soon. This blog is about my journey to re-invent myself. I must figure this out soon, because my youngest child will is now in school full-time, and I am expected to "go back to work". I have a BFA in graphic design and illustration from the School of Visual Arts
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