WIP painting for Russel

WIP painting for RusselAcrylic on wood. Thought a painting of a train hanging in a boy’s room would look cool painted on wood.

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I am the new (volunteer) editor for my daughter’s PTA school newspaper, The Jefferson Journal. So, I haven’t been able to work on any paintings or drawings lately. Will get back to work on my son’s train painting tomorrow night. Haven’t worked on it in weeks. Hurricane Irene knocked out our power for a few days, then we went on a little family vacation. The Jefferson Journal is also lots of work (what did I get myself into volunteering for that?) – but I enjoyed working on it anyways.

will try and post a WIP (work in progress) on the train painting.

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Painting for Russel

Just started a painting for my son. My daughter’s room is filled with paintings I made for her, and Russel only has one painting I made for him. He has always loved trains – so I’m going to paint a train. It will be 24″ x 36″ acrylic on plywood. Never painted anything like this. So, lets see how it turns out.

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Portrait of Jessie

I finally finished the dog portrait. it is in acrylics. painted on a gessoed wood canvas. i like it much better than regular canvas, but it is more expensive

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Dog Portrait comission

about to start a dog portrait commission. Gotta go, so I can try and get the simple drawing done onto the canvas. will post when finished with the painting. hope it turns out well. I always have a little anxiety when I start a new painting.

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I can”t stop drawing my daughter, Sophia

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South Orange Maplewood Studio Tour this coming Sunday

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Preview/Post view show for studio tour this thur. May 24th

Last night I dropped off my drawing for the show at the Pierro Gallery in South Orange.  Still not sure it was the best choice for the show, but too late now. I will be going to the opening reception on Thursday, after taking my 2 kids to a little local outdoor amusement park for their school trip. will need to rush home, and go directly there. hope I wont be too stinky and yucky for the opening.

here is the drawing I will have at the show.Drawing of young woman and bird living in her hair.

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My first post.

South Orange, Maplewood Artist’s Studio Tour June 5, 2011
Busy preparing. will post more soon.
Wow, I made my first post!

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